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"Keep it simple stupid" is an expression often used in creative companies. 

I thought it would be interestng to discuss this idea and get other peoples thoughts at the same time with examples that both show and dont show it working.

I have been doing graphic design for many years and as time goes on I do question how much information is enough. What is too minimalistic and what is too complex. Many clever ads for instance leave you confused and often dont get to a significant memorable point. If you are asked who that ad was for, you can rack your brains trying to remember but nothing comes to mind... and you ask yourself why did they bother.

It might be that they deliberately ommitted identity with the idea that you might have to pay more attention to find it. Or perhaps they just got it wrong... 

They assume of course that you are paying any attention at all.

Edie Logo

This logo could be seen as fairly complicated and fussy but still seems to work.

Therefore what seems to be a rule of thumb is to make your work both visibly memorable by finding some unique quality and making it clearly visibly making sure there is plenty of brand identity too. 

Interested to hear peoples thoughts on this. If you have any examples you would like to share or just ads that are too simple, perfect ... or too complex.

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