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After working for 22 years in the Graphic Design industry, there is not much I cannot do for you. Please call me or fill out my enquiry form to see what I can help you with. Here is a list of some of my services.

Logo Design Graphics
The Logo is the centre of the business. It reflects the overall feel, strengths, politics and direction of your business. It is absolutely crucial to get this bit of realestate perfect for your business.

Graphic Design and Website Graphics
Websites are very important. They are the visible and searchable entity in your business. It is very important to have it saying all the right things in all the right ways.

Corporate Identity and Branding
Branding and corporate identity is important if you want to be convincing and create confidence. The way you do things says everything about you.

The way you talk to your customers, the words you choose, the depth of information you share and the personality you let show through can make all the difference to successfully emplanting a message or communication. Not all copywriters can do everything so choose your copywriting service carefull and ask for examples of there written words.

Advertising Graphic Design
Advertising should be well thought out. Clearly identifying sellable or desirable elements of your buisness is very important and making sure they are clearly seen is paramount.

Print and Printing
The importance of choosing the correct method and quality of a printer can make the difference to selling a product and losing your clients. Sometimes less quality shows a selling point ... and sometimes only the absolute best quality and print surface will do. It is important to make the right decisions.

The Graphic Design process is complex and varied. Rely upon a trusted expert to guide you through. If you are not sure... ask one of my clients to make sure I am the right person to help you.

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Simon Creedy

Graphic Design in Sydney

37 Epping Road

Lane Cove


NSW 2066

02 9427 0632
0411 888 478
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• Logo Graphic Design and Branding
• Business Cards and Corporate Stationery
• Leaflets, Flyers and Brochure Graphics
• All types of Quality Printed Graphics

• Packaging Graphic Design
• Advertsing Graphic Design
• Product and Portrait Photography
• Static Website Design and Build

Call me on 02 9427 0632
or email me or enquire

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